MM2H Application Process

Step 1 : Free Consultation

Refer to the requirement & checklist provided

Step 2 : Documents Submission

Submit your application to us

Step 3: Conditional Approval Letter Issued

Applicants are required to come Malaysia within 6 months.

Step 4 : Arrival In Malaysia

After receiving the Conditional Approval letter:

  1. Open the required Fixed Deposit account in any bank in Malaysia for one-year period on an auto renewal basis
  2. Purchase Medical Insurance in any insurance company in Malaysia /summit Medical Insurance that is applicable in Malaysia.
  3. Obtain medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia
Step 5 : Submit Remaining Documents

Submit remaining documents to MM2H centre by us.

  1. Fixed Deposit certificate.
  2. Medical Insurance policy.
  3. Medical report
Step 6 : Collect Your Visa

We will get your passport stamping done at immigration department. Congratulations on your MM2H visa.