Malaysia My Second Home Visa (MM2H) is a long term visa that allows people around the world to stay in Malaysia for as long as they like. It was set up by Malaysian government as a way to attract foreigners to stay long term or retire in Malaysia.

  • 100% no risk – all money deposited strictly in your personal name as Fixed Deposits account in any banks in Malaysia you like. E.g Maybank, CIMB Bank, HSBC
  • The fixed deposit is interest bearing. The rate is about 3.3% per year and it is tax free.
  • Part of the Fixed Deposit can be withdrawn after one year! For example, for age over 50 years old, you will need to deposit MYR150,000 and you can withdraw MYR50,000 after a year.
  • Fast immigration approval, within 90-120 days.
  • Upon approval you are given 6 months to complete the visa stamping, therefore you can plan ahead easily.
  • 10 years Multiple Entry Visa will be given to all family members including parent’s aged above 60.
  • Renewable for an indefinite period.
  • No minimum duration of stays require during the program for renewal. You can own land, residential and commercial property.
  • Can stay anywhere in Malaysia under this visa.
  • You can apply for travel visas to other countries from the respective foreign consulates in Malaysia!
  • Those over age 50 years old can work as part time under MM2H visa for 20 hours weekly.
  • Investment in shares and all profits earned is non taxable.
  • Can enjoy local government hospital and private hospital at minimum cost.
  • Children can use MM2H visa continue study here! No requirement to pay yearly student visa fee again,(subject to school regulation).
  • Terminating MM2H program is easy, can be done within 5 working days! All your fixed deposits will be returned to you.
  • If you change your nationality while you still have MM2H status, you are allowed to change your MM2H visa into our new nationality
  • Can bring along a house-maid from your origin country.